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Massage Therapy With Botox

"Let your face breathe"

Michelle Facey

Recommended in between treatments to encourage normal blood flow, muscle & tension release

Pre and Post Massage Therapy

Everyone and everything needs a break at some point....Although the treatments we offer are of holistic nature, we are also complimentary to other services out there, such as non surgical cosmetics and semi permanent make up.

How Long do I need to wait after Botox treatment before I can have a facial treatment? 

We have spoken with consultants and you can have a facial massage anytime before your Botox treatment, but you should avoid it for 2 weeks post.

Therefore we recommend your book a treatment pre Botox sessions and/or after 2 weeks post Botox.

Arranging your massage therapy session before receiving the Botox injections may also help reduce your injection stress. You can also discuss where certain areas of your face are avoided, tailoring the treatment to you.


 With Derma fillers and Semi-permanent make-up (SPMU) you should avoid a facial massage for 4 weeks after. Although, you can have these treatments anytime post facial massage. 

Please consult with your specialist about your massage therapy plan and inform your massage therapist of any recent Botox/Injections/SPMU you have had.

Enjoy the rest bite!

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