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Inclusive Beauty By Design

Updated: Nov 1, 2023



Written by Michelle Facey


Most skincare brands cater for people who are neurotypical, able sighted, and who maybe do not have any sensory differences.

I've recently become better informed that there is quite a large group of the population that are neurodivergent; with daily differences that most of us would not take a second to think about.

Hanini skincare is an inclusive, natural skincare brand that is spearheading the industry. Including braille on labels for sight conditions, font for dyslexia, as well as the Founder signing on her Instagram & Tik Tok videos as an added communication tool.

Not only have they created beautiful products, they are providing a service that caters to a much wider and inclusive community. From people with motor sensory to sight challenges and even to our elderly family members. These products do not only smell and feel incredible, they are produced using high quality ingredients with a very reasonable price tag, and the unique added design featured focus, that they enable daily tasks to come with ease.

Well informed founder Hannah, explained the reasoning behind everything that she does and I would sincerely check out her brand to discover more!

Below are three key inclusive designed product I recommend.


The Grip Soaps are an innovative and well designed product. Soaps are slippery at the best of times. The added integrated 'non slip' wooden grip & loop handle options, creates ease for handling and use in the bathroom.


This Rejuvinating Face Serum smells incredible, has many naturally active ingredients, all that perform well on the skin. What I'm impressed about, is how this product performs, it doesn't leave a greasy layer on the skin, it has a really nice slip and good balance of absorption and hydration. This product is offered with different application closures to suit the preference of the individual. Roller ball, Pipette, Serum pump, spritz pump or cap.


The Soap Bars have the most beautiful names such as 'Manifestation & Abundance, 'Serenity & Healing' and 'Energy & Wisdom'. The scents are heavenly and when the soap is activated with water, develops a wonderful lather. What I'm impressed about the most, is how is doesn't leave the skin dry, but feels nourished and hydrated. The formula is full of so many beautiful ingredients that allow a long lasting soap bar. A great addition to your bathroom.

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