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Lift - Tone - Plump

The Holistic Buccal Facelift

Most of us are beauty obsessed and spend our time applying make up for a flawless finish, a healthy glow, defining cheeks and creating an illusion of enhanced lips.

Some even go one step further opting for Fillers, Botox and go under the knife, to pull back the years. All to acheive a certain look, without thinking or knowing about the long term affects and concequences. Yes it is true, that as we mature, we are more prone to double chins, sagging skin and puffiness, but this can be combatted with non invasive treatments and exercises.

 Aging gracefully and The Pro Aging Movement are becoming more present in The Beauty Industry and both Men and Women are leading their lifestyle with this mindset.

There is a natural method of achieving the same results as plastic surgery, which is not only better for the skin, body and lymphatic system, it will also relieve stress and tension such as headaches, TMJ (Jaw Tension from teeth clenching & grinding) and can even help with pronunciation.


A - list celebrity Facelift

Celebrity's are not the only ones who are opting to refrain from or dissolve their fillers and turn to this cheek defining and sculpting treatment. This is now becoming a big interest with people who are becoming more mindful , choosing more holistic and natural apporaches to their wellbeing & lifestyles.


Face Muscle Release

Just as the muscles in the body are toned and sculpted at the gym. Our face has many muscles, that with care and attention; can help slow the aging process as well as improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Collagen and Cell Rejuvination

Through this technique, scar tissue is broken down and collagen fibres are realigned and cell rejuvination takes place. With the added benefits of reducing inflamation,  boosting collagen, improving circulation and reducing stress and tension.

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