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Frequently asked questions

Will massage help Botox wear off?

Technically no, you could say that massage may stimulate blood flow & increase the metabolism of area.

How long after Botox, Injections/SPMU can I have the Buccal Massage treatment?

Please wait at least one month after Botox or 8 weeks after other injections &/or SPMU (semi permanent make up) before booking a facial treatment.

What to wear?

Being comfortable during the class can really impact the quality of a session or treatment you receive. With that in mind; we would highly recommend wearing clothing that you will be able to move and relax in. An overly tight outfit can obstruct normal blood circulation and could restrict your range of movements.

Depending on the seasonal weather,  please be mindful, that layers can be a blessing, especially when enjoying relaxation & Savasana. 

Do I need to bring my own Yoga mat?

Yes please. We find most people like to bring their own yoga mats; your own personal and space within our space! 

Is Yoga for everyone?

Generally speaking, yes!

There are many different types of Yoga practice (please see individual class, to give insight whether it's the right one for you.)  If you have any health conditions, we would encourage you to be upfront and honest & if need be seek medical clearance for your condition before begining your Yoga Practice.

If you are pregnant, congratulations!

Keeping mobile during your pregnancy will help throughout, as well as prepare for delivery.

Now depending on the type of class, you will need to be more cautious with practicing any postures that will put pressure on the abdomen. If you have previously practised yoga, have expressed this to your teacher and are expressivley allowed to continue practice, variations will be available during the class.


The most important thing is to listen to your body and do what feels good for you.

Are there  etiquette guidlines?

Please arrive 10 mins beofre class starts, this means that a class can start on time and the warm up is not missed, which is essential to a safe practice.

We would advise for you to have a minimum of 3-4 hours gap after a meal and a 45 min gap after having a snack pre class, this helps with the digestion process and your body during exercise.


 We respectfully, ask for active awareness during practice. Most injuries are a result of a lack of awareness when coming in and out of poses.

Cancellation at least 24 hrs of class via online. Any late cancellations or no shows, class will be lost and no refunds will be carried out.

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