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Coming Soon - Holistic Natural Facial treatments

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Natural Sculpting Face Lift Massage

This massage is tailored to lift and sculpt the face and neck the natural way; while reduing stress and tension.

The techniques help to reduce and minimize wrinkles and fines lines, that can creep up upon us, from daily habits such as deep concentration and frowning from anxiety and stress.

Come and be pampered, feeling that stress and tension melt away.

Natural Sculpt, Buccal & Lymph Massage

As one of our most unique and popular cosmetic treatments and well known with A - list Celebrities, this massage has helped countless clients feel more relaxed, rejuvenated, confident and happier in their own skin without the need for Botox, fillers or harsh chemical treatments.

This intra-oral treatment works with the inside of the mouth. (using gloves) where the mouth, cheeks, lips and face muscles are massaged, and tension knots are gently and effectively diminished. Finishing off with lymphatic drainage techniques to dispel toxins from the body.
Overtime cell rejuvenation and collagen reproduction is encouraged.
Results are seen after 1st treatment, this is a temporary but from continuous treatments muscle memory is defined and real physical changes can be felt and seen.

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