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Holistic movement for all

Image by Cherrydeck

Face Yoga & Gua Sha Sculpting

The art of aging gracefully is something we all strive for. The desire for Botox and fillers are becoming a thing of the past, as people turn to more natural ways to acheive the same results, without harming the body.

This is the future of Pro - aging!

These techniques have been present for many years, passed down from generation to generation. The ancient eastern techniques such as Gua Sha combined with Face Yoga exercises are proven to help minimise wrinkles and help with collagen production as a consistant practice.

Whether you are looking to take some time for yourself , as self care or you are looking to build a weekly wellness practice and see results, this self guided massage will be a perfect addition to your life.

(Gua Sha tools provided.)

Duration 1 hr


Yin Yoga

A deep restorative practice, where poses will be held to encourage muscles and ligaments to relax; relieving tension and stress in areas of the body.

Suitable for all abilities.

(Use of props and music)

Duration 1hr


Relax & Restore

A weekly class created for women to take time to relax & restore. This gentle class invites meditation, mobility stretches, flow and deep rest. Duration 1hr


Weekend Wind Down 

The working week can be a busy and tough time, for not only our physical bodies, but mentally too. This yoga class is offered to set an hour of your Friday evenings, to relax, wind down and prepare to enjoy the weekend ahead. Switch off from work mode to life mode.

This class involves meditation, breathwork, mobility stretches, restorative poses and a gentle bit of flow.

This class is suited to all abilities and open to all.

Duration 1hr

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